What is a Virtual Card & How to Use


Online Shopping is a Trend That allow to Buy things , Pace orders on different sites , Some sites accept Virtual credit card and Some other did not Accept , If you did not want to Use your own Physical card then you can use virtual card. With the help of virtual card you can pay online at many websites , You can buy Domains , Hostings, and Many thing.

Virtual Card is not a physical card it contains 16 digit card number , Expiry date and CVV, You can not use virtual card on Atms, You can only use online transactions and buy Things .

Best Virtual Card Provider Websites

In this article i will share some best Virtual card provider sites.


Skrill is a online Payment provider website , It found in 2001 which allows digital payment and transfer service. You can get and create virtual card if you have create uk account, You can use these virtual card on any site and buy any thing.


Ezzocard provides Cheap Visa and Master virtual card You can use these virtual card to verify your paypal account , You can buy Hostings and Domains from these virtual card. You can use Ezzocard any where in the world, They provides visa and master cards. You can use these cards on any name and any address .

3.US Unlocked

US Unlocked website allows you to create online virtual card you can use these card any where in the world.This website provides two types of card like as Rloadable card and one time card.You can load your account by the help of Locak bank transfer and Your own Physical card.


NetSpend is an online virtual card provider website , You can create easily account and get virtual card. You can use these card any where in the world where visa and master card is accepted.You can buy cheap NetSpend card on NetSpend website.

Can you make one-time use the virtual card?

Yes, If you want to use only for one time then you need to create One time Virtual card , After one time transaction this card will automatically stopped, and you can not use .

Can you transfer money from a virtual card?

Yes , From virtual card you can transfer money from the help of Online websites like as Skrill , Transferwise , Remitly and Some other sites.

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