CPA $10/ With Youtube

Technical Aamir

You will need three things

  1. A landing page from OGAds that is connected to your account or Create Your Own Landing Page
  2. About 12 YouTube channels
  3. Time to do some manual commenting.

Kindly Don,t Sale This Method Only share free of cost.

Let’s Begin!

Before you begin Visit and sign up for an account. It takes 12 hours to get
approved but if you want to be approved faster send me a message on Skype “DonCPAMentor”
and I will let my affiliate manager know you need help getting approved fast.

Step One:

Request a Landing Page from OGAds with the Clash Of Clans Niche with you
account (
OGAds gives away free landing pages.

Step Two:

Buy 12 Gmail Accounts from account store ($0.35 Each) or Create Your own account


Log into each account slowly, to prevent ban. Once you log in change the phone numbers
on each account with a phone verification service. Using a number you can use in the future to
log in again.

Step Three:

Turn each account into a YouTube Channel and use each Gmail to make two
YouTube Channels (24 YouTube channels total)

Step Four:

For each channel add in a profile picture, it helps increase clicks and Views.

Step five:

Create 40 different types of comments on how to convince people to click your link to
get Gold and Elixir on Clash of Clans

Step Six:

Add your OGAds Link to the comments you created so people can click it!


Sometimes OGAds links are not good to share because many people use them. This
will end up either getting your account flagged or Ghosting your comments. If it gives you
trouble and hurts your accounts.

How to fix

You can buy your own domain and host it. Rip a good landing page or buy one then add it to your website. Then add your content locker code to the site (Find Content Locker in OGAds
Then share your own domain in the comments of youtube.
You can also add the OGAds link to an Image in a Google Doc file then share it on YouTube
(People will click the image but this reduces conversions and is harder to trust)

The first option is better for conversions and I recommend it.

Step Seven:

Visit YouTube and Search “Clash Of Clans Hack” or “Clash Of Clans Cheats”


You will find many videos with potential people who will click your link! The people
watching those videos are your target audience base.

Step Eight:

Use One account to comment on one video with a comment you made. Then use 10
other YouTube channels to upvote the comment


Sometimes the upvotes will not add so you will need a different email account to add
upvotes ( Usually 15 upvotes in an hours is good for ranking)

Some people even have trouble seeing the upvotes – Here is an extremely cheap solution .

Visit –
Sign Up for an account
Search “YouTube Upvotes”
There are three services selling Upvotes for $1
Use the “Instantly Add 100+ YouTube Comments Upvotes/Downvotes Video for $1” service.
It’s good for testing, don’t use long term, use it to secure you method experience and raise
money to purchase the panel

Step Nine:

Reply to that comment with a different account to help boost it to the top of the
comments on YouTube.

Sometimes it boosts sometimes not but people will see it either way.

If you make 10 manual good comments a day that rank in the top or top page result video for
hot niches you can earn $5 – $10 a day or more.

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