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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to run traffic in to cash and You earn Little Commission.

For your help we have collected some Best affiliate networks. They will give you access to thousand,s of Merchants and Programs.

Here is List of my Trusted Affiliate Networks.


ShareASale in one of the most popular and Trusted Affiliate networks in the Market of Affiliate Industry.

Here you will need to apply to merchants and be approved by each merchant Which is a standard approach for an affiliate network like as other affiliate network.

ShareASale is a Great option for Physical and Digital products.

No matter that which niche websit you have you can apply and promote all offfers who accept your application.

ShareASale pros and cons


  • Thousands of merchants have both physical and digital products like as other, including lots of well-known .
  • Trustworthy – They’ve been around for many years and work with lots of big Companies and brands.
  • Lots of exclusive merchants. Over 11,000 of the merchants at ShareASale which only work with ShareASale
  • Has a bookmarklet that makes it easy to generate custom affiliate links and Affiliate banners for your desired niche.


ShareASale dashboard is Difficult and not User Friendly

2 . AWIN ( Affiliate Window )

AWIN is best for Experienced Affiliates who can hit the ground without a lot of Feedback from the network.When you apply for AWIN as a publisher they charge you $5 Fee But if they approved your application then $5 added in to your account balance , But if they did not approve your application then you will lose your $5.

AWIN Operates Globally But it has most EU And British merchants.

AWIN have a 13500 Products you will find a lot of Physical and Digital Products on AWIN network.

Awin pros and cons


  • Lots of merchants and products to choose from
  • Dedicated WordPress plugin to help you import products
  • Minimum payout (only $20)
  • Real Time Reports on time
  • Easy Dashboard , User Friendly


  • $5 sign up fee 
  • If your application is not approved they did not refund you $5 fee

3. CJ Affiliate ( Commission Junction )

CJ Affiliate Network is known as Biggest platforms online , If you are working in affiliate industry field then you know already CJ affiliate Network.

Every Major merchants and products have available on CJ Affiliate Network.

Pros of

  •  CJ Affiliate has over Four thousand advertising partners, many have lots of creative sizes and various affiliate link options and banner options.
  • Reliable Payments. They offer a net-20 payment term and condition. which means that you’ll get your commission paid out in a time each month.
  • Powerful Reporting Options. The reporting suite from CJ Affiliate is pretty impressive and working on time, which is a big advantage for marketers for generating sales

Pros of

  • Limited Customer Support if you need any help they will reply after 2 to 3 business days. Due to the large number of affiliates and merchants, it’s understandable that customer support is quite limited.
  • Dashboard is Difficult and not for easy understanding

4.Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare)

Rakuten Linkshare is one of the oldest affiliate network , There are some Features that are different from other affiliate networks.

Link share also offers deep linking, banners , code banners and much more landing pages this will increase your traffic and sales.

They have a small products and merchants up to 1k .

So if you are looking big products and offers then i will recommend you Commission Junction and other affiliate network which they have more products and offers.

Rakuten Link share minimum payout is $50 And you will add Payoneer and Paypal.

Rakuten Link Share Marketing pros and cons


  • Gives you access to big-name merchants like Fiverr and Walmart and other hosting provider services
  • A trusted name of Affiliate Industry (Rakuten is a billion dollar company in the world)
  • Deep Linking options
  • Banner offer, You can make your landing page


  • The back-end dashboard looks a little dated in my Experience
  • Not selection as some other affiliate networks have
  • Small network they have only 1k merchants

5.Click Bank

Click Bank is another Affiliate Network like as Commission Junction which has physical and digital both products.

There is another reason why click bank is consider Good affiliate network becuase they have more and more digital products.

Click bank Pays 75% up to big amount sales. Click bank cookies duration is for lifetime.

You can join click bank free of cost and the approval process is very simple .Click bank has a all type of FAQ Information and you can also search videos


  • Weekly payouts You will receive payment on time .
  • The joint venture program provides higher earnings.
  • One of the biggest and most Trusted affiliate programs In affiliate industry field.
  • Instant approval process in 24 Hours.
  • $10 Minimum Payout


  • Refund policy improves conversion rates and commission but can eat into your Commission .
  • Strong competition from other affiliates like as CJ and link share selling the same products.
  • Initial payments are made by check only – only after a minimum number of sales You can get payouts via wire transfer or PayPal or payoneer .
  • Limited range of physical products and digital also .
  • Limited Products


FlexOffers is an oldest affiliate network which have 12,000 advertisers and Also have 5,000 Publishers.

As my experience they have easy and user friendly dashboard and they also add 70 plus products each day.FlexOffes have a lots of big brands and small brands which other affiliate netowk dont have ,You can find here all type of surveys like as sweepstakes.

FlexOffers Provides a seperate affiliate manager which is very useful for every publisher.

Mimimum Payout is $50 if you live in USA and $100 from other country outside of USA.

FlexOffers pros and cons


  • They have 12,000+ merchants to choose from list
  • User friendly designed dashboard
  • You get a dedicated Own affiliate manager
  • Daily they add 70 + products


  • If you’re outside From the USA, the only payment option is PayPal which is very dangerous and not suitable (unless the payment amount exceeds $5,000 – then you can use a wire transfer or other option)

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